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There are numerous ways to get your visits paid for, and it’s worth exploring:

Extended Health Insurance:

These plans are available through employee benefits, depending on your place of work. Check with your benefits or human resource (HR) department where you work for detailed coverage information. Some insurance company requires doctor’s referral to cover treatment cost.

We do provide direct billing to most of the insurance companies across the province of Ontario. If your insurance company is not listed on our website, please contact us and we will take necessary steps to provide hassle free billing for our services.

Ontario Auto Insurers:

If you were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accidents, your treatment is covered by auto insurance company.

Under current regulations, your extended health coverage plan should be billed prior to auto insurance coverage. All the treatment expenses must be submitted to extended health insurance company till the coverage is exhausted. Your auto insurer should cover any further treatments, if needed.

Our team will create a unique treatment plan for your speedy recovery and will also help in submitting necessary Auto Insurance Claim Forms (OCF) to auto insurance company.

We believe in multidisciplinary approach to get you back to the life.

Call and book appointment if you were involved in motor vehicle accident (MVA). You do not need doctor’s referral to access the rehabilitation services after MVA. 

OHIP / Publicly Funded Physiotherapy:

Referrals and Eligibility: be referred by a physician or nurse practitioner based on the findings of an assessment that the person requires physiotherapy services, be an OHIP insured person under the Health Insurance Act and be within one of the following categories:

  1. Aged 65 years and older.
  2. Aged 19 years and younger.
  3. Recently discharged as an inpatient of a hospital and in need of physiotherapy clinic services that are directly connected to the condition, illness or injury for which the person was admitted to the hospital.
  4. Those who are under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW) program.


Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB):

For Ontario workers to seek treatments after suffering an injury while at work. At Innova Physio & Sports Rehab, we are registered to accept WSIB claims. We directly bill WSIB for healthcare services you may need. You DO NOT need doctor’s referral for physiotherapy WSIB coverage.

Eligibility and steps for WSIB claims:

  1. Your workplace injury must be reported to your employer and to WSIB.
  2. You will also need to fill in a Form 6, which is different than the original incident report that was given to your employer. A Form 6 can be accessed at work or from the WSIB website.
  3. Patients then have six months from the time of the report to claim benefits. You can call and book an appointment with us during this time.

We will assist you in each step of going through WSIB claim to make sure proper paperwork is done. Our variety of treatments and customised protocols will help you to treat the condition and enable you to get back to work in a timely manner. Slip and fall:

After such accidents you may need therapies that can be covered by concerned parties.

Slip and fall:

After such accidents you may need therapies that can be covered by concerned parties. We do work closely with law firms to help you get the best care that you deserve. Our post-fall recovery care will definitely help you to achieve your baseline functions. 

Out of Pocket / Private Pay:

For those who do not have any coverage for treatments, our services are tax free and qualify as a medical expense for income tax purposes.

We offer a packaged plan of care to reduce the burden of paying out of your pocket.

Call and consult our physiotherapist to know how we can help in this situation.



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