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Hand Therapy Techniques

Hand Therapy is a kind of rehabilitation carried out by a physical therapist; it is mostly done on patients that suffer from conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. With the aid and help of therapy, patients will be able to return to a normal and active lifestyle quickly.

Patients who are possibly for hand therapy may have been influenced by a mishap or injury, leaving them with wounds, scars, burns, injured tendons or nerves, fractures, or even amputated fingers, hands, or arms while others include and not limited to those that suffer from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, and also from severe conditions such as arthritis or a neurologic disease (i.e., stroke).

What Does Hand Therapy Provide?

  • Hand Therapy provides treatment without the need for operation
  • It helps in minimizing sensitivity from nerve problems
  • Hand Therapy assist with recent or long-lasting pain
  • Help to restore feelings after a nerve injury
  • With Hand Therapy, you will be able to learn some home exercise programs which can help with movement and strength
  • Figuring out how to complete everyday exercises with exceptional instruments
  • Help returning to work

In the event that medical procedure is required, hand therapists can likewise help with a patient’s recuperation. This may incorporate help with assisting wounds in healing, avoiding infection, management of scar, and reducing swelling.


Hand therapists can converse with employers when it comes to preventing problems for workers with hand or arm symptoms. There are so many things that they can do, such as recommending changes at your place of work or different ways of doing your job in order to assist in ensuring a healthy style of work.


Below are some of the Hand Exercises which a hand therapist can recommend:

  1. Palm Up and Down

This can be done by placing your hand palm-up on a table. After this, you can make use of your non-affected hand to flip your hand palm-down. This should be repeated ten times.

  1. Wrist Bend Movement

The wrist bend movement generally involves bending your wrist gently to and fro while supporting your arm on the table. This should be done on ten repetitions with back-and-forth movements.

  1. Wrist Side Movement

When doing this, you need to place your affected hand palm-down on the table ad use your other hand to bend your wrist side-to-side.

  1. Rolling Movement

Get a water jug or soup can and place it into your affected hand with your palm-side up on a table. At that point, work on twisting your fingers in to get a handle on the bottle or can, and afterward relax. Repeat ten times.

  1. Wrist Curl

Take a similar item and hold it in your affected hand. At that point, work on twisting your wrist up and down.

  1. Grip And Release

Get a pen and put it on a table. After this, try and grip the pen with the affected hand and move it across the table. Then release, and repeat by bringing the pen back to the other side of the table.

  1. Pen Spin

Take a similar pen and work on spinning it with your thumb and index finger.

  1. Coin Drop

To do the coin drop, get eight coins and place it neatly in a row in your hand. Then practice putting them down one by one while keeping the other coins in your hand with your other fingers.

  1. Finger Curl

Work on touching your thumb to every one of your fingertips, beginning with your index finger and descending toward your pinky.

Several patients have used all of the hand exercises mentioned above, and it has dramatically helped many patients improve hand functions.


If you are in need of the service of a hand therapist, you can find one in your close environment or meet with friends for a recommendation of the best hand therapist that are close to you.