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Orthopedic Manual Physio therapy

Orthopedic Manual Physio therapy

If you are suffering from a neurological, cardio-respiratory or an orthopedic disorder, a physiotherapist can come to your aid.
The restricted mobility in affected areas of patient’s body can be improved through orthopedic manual physio therapy wherein the therapist makes hands-on interventions for the treatment.

Orthopedic and physiotherapy

Orthopedic physiotherapy aims to provide relief from pain, improve joint functioning by increasing the strength and flexibility and gradually restore the patient to full function. It can be performed pre-operative as well as post-operative.

Orthopedic physiotherapy assessment

To get to the source of the problem, physiotherapist will first carry out a systematic clinical assessment
followed by an appropriate treatment. The patient may need to undergo certain special orthopedic tests to determine the actual structure affected.
This assessment will establish baseline data for planning the further physiotherapy treatments and it is crucial in order to prevent re-occurrence of the problem. Our team of certified and highly experienced physiotherapists in Hamilton Ontario ensures the right orthopedic physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

Orthopedic physiotherapist can use multiple techniques for treatment.

1. Manual physio therapy
-A therapy using hands to cure the patients.
2. Massage therapy
– An age-old technique used to treat patients through relaxing the muscles, improving circulation and releasing bodily tension.
– Recommended for patients with physical injuries like chronic pain and spasms, frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers’ elbows, knee pain, etc.
3. Acupuncture
– Restoring the patient’s flow of “qi”(energy) back to equilibrium by inserting needles through the acupuncture points.
4. Chiropractic therapy
– Commonly used to treat spine-related injuries and to bring head and spine into alignment.
5. Hand therapy
– Restoring the patient’s hand, wrist or any other upper extremity.

Is manual therapy effective?

Yes, manual therapy is effective for patients with chronic or acute pain caused due to joint disorders in certain musculoskeletal conditions. It helps in restoring mobility to stiff joints and relaxes the tense muscles resulting into more natural movement of a patient without any pain. Manual physio therapy can provide back pain relief in chronic conditions and also in acute back pain arising due to soft tissue injuries.

Manual therapy techniques

There are a variety of techniques that are used for manual/physio therapy. After the clinical assessment, the physiotherapist may perform some or a combination of the following orthopedic manual physio therapy techniques.

1. Joint Mobilisation/ Manipulation- Manual therapy includes spinal and extremity joint manipulation or mobilization technique. This technique makes use of various movements of varying speeds, force, and amplitude (distance) in order to bring the bones and joints back to its original position. It relieves patients from acute and chronic lower back pains, neck pains, severe joint disorders, sciatica, etc.

2. Soft tissue mobilization- With the restoration of joint motion, the tension in the attached muscles may decrease but the spasm may still be present.
A Physio therapist will perform layer by layer assessment to localize the area with the highest restriction and will then mobilize it through various techniques involving traction force. This helps in restoring the normal texture to the tissue and alleviates the pain.

3. Thrusting- to restore the gliding motion of joints a high velocity and low amplitude thrusting technique is used. Patients generally notice increased joint mobility after this treatment. This technique does not cause any structural damage and hence patient should not complain of any pain following this treatment.

4. Long term relief maintenance- To prevent recurring pain, patients are advised to engage themselves in the exercise programs prescribed by their therapist.
Certain stretching and strengthening exercises will help the patient in preventing the pain from re-occurring.

Physiotherapy is not just an art, it has a heart. It is not just a science, but it has a conscience.
When patients choose health, they choose the best and hence they choose us.
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