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Braces And Splints

Braces and Splints are used to support the recovery of an injury. They serve the purpose of improving physical function, reducing pain, immobilizing unstable joints or fractures. Braces and Splints can also be used by the therapists to help the patient with a range of motion. 

Braces and Splints can help protect, stabilize and correct abnormal bone and muscle issues that result from orthopedic injuries or neurological conditions. They are prescribed following surgery, for carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle injuries, and much more, as they offer support while the body heals. We offer in-house custom-made splints as well in direct consultation with your doctor or surgeon, especially for small joints of the hand and fingers.

The treatment approach of braces and splints should only be considered when required. It cannot be an alternative for a good rehabilitation program, instead, they’re meant for short-term use. Constant use of braces and splints is not beneficial as it can cause chronic pain, stiffness of joints, or muscle weakness. While using it correctly for the long term is also capable of preventing certain knee conditions and helping the joints from deteriorating. 

Custom Orthotics are shoe insoles made to meet the individual shape of the foot. We offer a comprehensive biomechanical assessment by our registered professionals and convert it into customized orthotics. The orthotics align the foot, lower limb, and eventually your spine to its correct position so that you can perform optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are splints and braces the same?

A. Splints and Braces serve the similar purpose of offering extra support to the injured limb for better recovery. In spite of that, they both are not the same. 

Q. Difference between splint and braces

Both of these are supportive devices, Braces are usually used for the long term while Splints are put in use in case of an emergency or when required for a short duration. Splints are usually used in case of fractures and breaks. Meanwhile Braces 

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