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Physiotherapy in Hamilton


Orthopaedic therapy works specifically with musculoskeletal conditions or problems related to joints, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Treatment options include hands-on manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and counsel. We educate you on how best to move to support healing and what exercises will maximize your results. We also provide a post surgical rehab program for those who have had hip or knee replacement surgery. It’s qualified under the program of care by MOHLTC.


Neurological conditions of all kinds can be helped with physiotherapy. Easing symptoms, improving mobility and supporting cognitive function are all examples of benefits that can come from this therapy. Part of the aim is to regulate the nervous system and create a more stable environment to support the spinal cord, which has ripple effects through the whole body. To assess your state, we evaluate your sensory capacity and motor function, along with your reflexes, balance, coordination and gait. We observe how you walk, what your posture is like and the level of tone and spasticity in your muscles. From there we work with you on the most appropriate treatment plan for your challenges.


Aging doesn’t have to mean decline. Sure, we have to work harder to stay in shape as we get older, but there is nothing out there that says you can’t be fit and healthy at any age, and there are anecdotes everywhere proving this. But achieving that requires due diligence, proper diet, plenty of exercise and appropriate supports that physiotherapy offers. It can correct any number of tiny irregularities that might be making our lives miserable, since we accumulate all kinds of physical quirks as we get older with poor posture or bad habits. Our focus with older people is to restore and preserve their independence. We also assess seating and mobility needs and explore the use of aids.


Children some times need physiotherapy too. Should your child be recovering from injury, or need help with mobility due to a disability, we can help. We give them structured exercise programs to improve strength, coordination, strength and posture, and we provide a fun and engaging atmosphere to keep them interested and inspire their participation.

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We offer Virtual Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment Sessions in compliance with Insurance Companies. Direct Billing Available. Book Now! COVID 19 Updates: