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Pre and post-surgical rehab and bundled care program, MOH and MOLTC, ON

Our therapists have vast experience with both pre and post-surgery rehab following evidence-based treatment protocol working closely with orthopaedic surgeons.
At Innova Physio & Sports Rehab, we provide timeline guided rehabilitation for full recovery and back to baseline functioning of individuals, especially with hip and knee replacements. This helps you plan your healing journey and know what to expect down the line.

We firmly believe in creating a customized exercise program after surgery, as every human body is unique and reacts differently.
Our services include evaluation, hands-on program, soft tissue release, and exercises in our clinic under physiotherapists’ supervision and at home to maintain progress.
We also offer customized braces and splints. Our therapists are trained in measurements and fitting of braces, especially after knee ligaments surgery – ACL and PCL reconstruction or repair. 
Innova Physio & Sports Rehab has partnered with hospitals around the Hamilton region to offer a Bundled Care Program for various orthopaedic surgeriesfunded by these hospitals.
Innova Physio & Sports Rehab in Hamilton also works towards fall prevention because fall injuries are so common in seniors.

Sports Rehab in Hamilton

If you have a sports injury, Innova Physio & Sports Rehab is the right place to come in Hamilton. Our specialized team provides targeted physiotherapy services to help manage pain, improve your mobility and movements, and reduce the risk of re-injury following injury and trauma.

FCAMPT Certification

Innova Physio & Sports Rehab is especially pleased to offer the Standard for Exceptional Care with our FCAMPT certified physiotherapist. A Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT), these extraordinary therapists complete post-graduate education to attain internationally-recognized qualifications in hands-on physiotherapy.
So, you receive accurate and focused physiotherapy treatment using research-guided techniques to speed up your recovery.

  • GET BETTER with techniques meeting high international standards.
  • RECOVER FASTER as your therapist discovers and targets underlying issues.
  • STAY HEALTHIER through education about your condition to reduce the risk of relapse.
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