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Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehab Therapy in Hamilton 

Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehab Therapy Hamilton

Orthopedic surgeons often recommend pre- and post-surgical rehab for foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, hand, shoulder, neck, and spine surgeries. 

Your physiotherapist here at Innova Physiotherapy Services in Hamilton will develop both a pre- and post-surgical rehab plan for you as you prepare for your surgery.

The Benefits of Pre-Surgical Rehab

Pre-Surgical Rehab helps your body prepare physically, and your mind prepare mentally for a surgical procedure.

  • Faster Recovery – As you learn exercises you need before your surgery, your muscles are trained in advance. This makes post-surgical rehab both easier and more effective. Even a few sessions of pre-surgery physiotherapy reduces post-operative care for patients.
  • Fewer Complications – Prehab increases strength and immunity before surgery to reduce the likelihood you experience complications like infection after your surgery.
  • Lowered Anxiety – After prehab, patients are less prone to stress and anxiety prior to surgery. Starting physical activity and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance improves overall confidence in a successful outcome.

The Benefits of Post-Surgical Rehab 

As soon as your doctor says you’re ready, it’s time to start a post-surgical rehab program.  

  • Improved Circulation – Better circulation facilitates faster healing and reduces the possibility of a blood clot forming. Manual therapy, massage, basic exercises, and simple movements prescribed by your physiotherapist here at Innova Physiotherapy in Hamilton promote increased blood circulation.
  • Reduces Swelling and Pain – Post-surgical treatment helps reduce the amount of swelling and pain you experience after surgery. Ice, ultrasound and other techniques by a physiotherapist reduce localized swelling and pain. Patients who receive immediate post-operative physiotherapy often need fewer opioids, especially after knee surgery.
  • Regain Your Lost Strength – The faster you regain your strength and stamina, the more quickly you can get back to your regular routine. A physiotherapy program designed to target specific areas helps your recovery after surgery.

Your physiotherapist uses a variety of therapies and will teach you exercises to do at home. You’ll want to start as soon as possible to be prepared for your surgery and make a full and speedy recovery. Physiotherapy exercises are specifically designed to aid in pain management as they speed your recovery.

At Innova Physiotherapy Clinic, we take a patient-centred approach to specifically focus on how your body responds both before and after your surgery. You are an individual, so we tailor your physiotherapy treatments to get you the best possible outcomes!

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