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Does physiotherapy work?

Have you come across people complaining of having back pain, neck pain or a sore foot? Or you might be the one suffering from any of these and tried everything like massages or medications but nothing worked. You may definitely want to consider physiotherapy then because it works and has cured people of all ages with musculoskeletal injuries or long-term disabilities.

While it may look like a daunting task initially to move your body in chronic pain condition but there are exercises that can bring you relief from the pain and help you become fitter by elevating your energy levels.

Physiotherapy- Exercises and movements

A physiotherapist may prescribe the exercises like stretching, balancing and strengthening that will help the patient in improving their body functioning. The key lies in finding out the exercises that you will enjoy and then doing it regularly.
You should begin with low-intensity exercises and do it consistently. This will enhance the flexibility of the body and will keep your joints healthy.
The core muscle strength plays a crucial role in performing everyday life activities.
Strengthening exercises along with yoga and pilates can bring the best results against persistent chronic pains by building strong core muscles.

Hands-on Physiotherapy techniques

There are a lot of hands-on physiotherapy techniques to treat injuries and disorders.
Techniques like massage, soft tissue mobilization and stretching increases the oxygen circulation in blood and reduces the spasm. This relaxes the muscles and adds flexibility to the patient’s limited range of motion.

Physiotherapy Taping

Physiotherapy taping is commonly used by athletes to control the mobility of injured parts and support the muscle movement for faster healing ensuring their successful return to respective games.
Taping is very helpful in healing some conditions like ankle sprains, shoulder injury or muscle strains.

Acupuncture and dry needling

We are believed to have some trigger points under our skin that is worked upon through acupuncture or dry needling technique to releases the pain associated with these points. Acupuncture and dry needling have reportedly shown visible increase in the patient’s mobility.
While acupuncture is a holistic approach that focuses on bringing the energy flow (called “Qi”) of the
Whole body to equilibrium, dry needling targets specific points and relaxes the muscles by improving the flow of blood. Needles stimulate the release of endorphins- body’s natural pain inhibitor, that reduce the pain.

Biomechanical analysis

You no longer need to stay away from doing things that you loved. Now you can do all your previous activities again irrespective of your age, injury or lifestyle.
An in-depth biomechanical analysis helps the therapist to understand your condition or injury and based on assessment they devise a suitable program to help you recover quickly.
Dealing with pain every day can exhaust but with the help of our physiotherapists in Hamilton Ontario you can live your life pain-free.

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a highly specialized discipline to help athletes recover from injuries and return to their games at the earliest possible.

Customised exercises, functional activities, manual therapies or taping, etc are used by certified sport therapists to treat injured sportspeople.
We have one of the best teams of sport physiotherapist at Hamilton Ontario that will partner with you along your journey towards recovery.

Workplace physiotherapy

Because of continuous gazing at computers and mobiles these days there is an exponential rise in musculoskeletal disorders at workplaces. Employees often complain of having back pain, neck pain, joint disorders, etc which eventually hamper their productivity.

Physiotherapists guide the employees on the right postures, minimal time away from workstations and other preventive measures to promote their health and so enhance the productivity at workplace.

Innova Physio and sports rehab offers customized physiotherapy solutions for people from diverse walks of life. We have one of the best teams of the sports physiotherapist and chiropractor in Hamilton having expertise in a range of physiotherapy techniques. If you want to know more about us or book a session with us, call us today!