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Neck And Lower Back Pain

Everyday life is not so kind to the lower back and spine. With so many of us staring straight into our smartphones and gazing into Pc’s most of the day, we may be familiar with the crick that gets us down while cradling the phone between the ear and shoulder, or the strain we feel at the lower back.

Back and neck pain is a common problem that can hinder your daily activities. If the pain gets in the way of your routine chores, some of the following tips might help you to resume back to a pain-free life.

1. Stay flexible
Although it can be a challenge to get up and move when lower back or neck pain strikes. However, yoga, water exercise, a short walk…or another low-impact activity can help alleviate the pain. Exercise relaxes the tense muscles and allows your body to release endorphin, a natural painkiller of the brain.

So, Exercise regularly to get your muscles moving and prevent any future episodes of pain due to tight muscles.

2. Vary Your Position

Looking down at your computer or smartphone all day can overstretch your muscles and cause a stiff neck and displace your lower back joints.

Immobility is responsible for aggravating your neck or lower back pain. Make sure to get up and move around for keeping an adequate amount of blood flow to the spine and lower back. A standing workstation can help you to vary your position and maintain an optimal posture. You can also set up a standing workstation to vary your position while working at the computer.
Staying active within your pain limit is an efficient way to deal with acute low back and neck pain.

3. Check Your Core

The core strength of your spine depends on your muscles. Regular exercise enables you to regain the optimal control of your deep spinal muscles.

Some of Core-building exercises that you can try are:

• Low-impact cardiovascular exercise, like brisk or normal walking that stretches your muscles and increases blood flow to the spine. An adequate amount of blood flow keeps you hydrated by supplying healing nutrients.
• Water therapy, It is the optimal therapy for people having chronic neck and back pain. The supportive effect of water provides conditioning and strengthening of injured muscles.
• You can also get yourself moving by making small goals such as using stairs if possible.

4. Improve Your Posture

The awesome flexibility and strength engineered into your lower back can make it susceptible to develop problems due to bad posture. Since nerves run into your system through the spine, a problem in the neck or the lower back can lead to hip problems, leg pain, and more.

It is pretty hard to reverse bad posture but you can avoid your neck and lower back stuck in an unhealthy position if you get up and move around. A proper timer on your phone can act as a reminder for keeping a check on your posture.

5. Some Ergonomic Tips to Make Your Neck and Back Healthy

Excessive pressure can be exerted on your neck and lower back if you constantly slouch forward at the desk while working. You can strengthen the lower spine curve by:

• Making some ergonomic adjustments that help you support and align your neck and lower back.
• Positioning your computer at eye level.
• Wearing a headset or using hands-free function while talking.
• Propping your laptop on a pillow at a 45° angle instead of placing it flat on your lap.
• Making use of a stand-up desk.

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