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Physio For Seniors

Seniors suffering from arthritis, stiffening of muscles, acute or chronic pain, inflammation, mobility-related and host of other issues accompanied by the aging process can be healed by physiotherapy.
As a part of comprehensive wellness regime, the physiotherapists in hamilton Ontario help the older adults in prevention, treatment or better management of such health issues.

For seniors, physiotherapy can help

Old age comes along with its acquaintances making life more challenging and tougher to get along.
Physiotherapy can help the seniors combat all neck, back or joint pains by increasing the blood flow, flexibility, and strength. It helps in a host of other age-related problems like lack of equilibrium, osteoporosis, fear of falls, dementia, etc.
While nobody is oblivious to the benefits of exercise, performing it under the supervision of qualified physiotherapists prevents seniors from the risk of any injury.
Along with physical health, mental well being of an individual is equally crucial.
Seniors certainly are at risk of mental disorders while adjusting with retirement issues, lifestyle changes and fading social life and this can push them into depression.
Exercise can alleviate anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins. Body’s so-called natural feel-good chemicals are nothing short of bliss for the mental health of everyone including seniors.

Physiotherapy for arthritis

Arthritis causes severe pain and stiffness in joints and physiotherapy can ameliorate the joint movements.
To keep the joints healthy a person has to be active and maintain the right posture so that his body weight is evenly distributed.
Our team of diversified physiotherapists at hamilton Ontario have an acute insight in assessing the muscle strength and movement in the joints and we devise tailor-made programs that include exercises to help in strengthening of muscles and joints and other treatments like acupuncture, TENS, electrotherapy, manipulations, etc depending on the patient’s condition.

Pre and post-surgery

If surgery is inescapable then physiotherapy can help before surgery in strengthening the joints and bones and also in recovery after the surgery in cases like total knee replacement, total hip replacement, etc.
Patients with a swollen knee and excruciating pain for months post-surgery will need guidance and suitable therapy by a competent physiotherapist to ensure successful recovery.
They need to carry out the prescribed exercises such as stretching, walking, jogging, water exercises with recommended frequency to improve their strength and mobility.

Treatment of pain

If pain is keeping you away from living your life, physiotherapy can certainly help you in alleviating this pain with the help of various treatments like exercise, massage, ultrasound, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), application of heat or ice packs, dry needling, etc.
It is always recommended to discuss your problems with your therapist so that your treatment can be designed as per your specific needs.

Managing your pain can be challenging but is not impossible.
If you are looking for physiotherapy in hamilton mountain, book a session with us to receive treatment of the highest standard to get you moving and getting better.