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Tips for a Safe and Active Winter

When winter rolls in, everything changes. Your habits, your lifestyle, what you eat, what you wear, everything gets dramatically influenced by the weather conditions. And sometimes when everything changes so suddenly, it can feel like a lot at once. It may get overwhelming. However, that does not mean you will always have a bad winter. Nor will you have to suffer in any way. That is because this article will help you to find ways to keep yourself safe, healthy and active in the winter.


When winter comes around, it is time to start shovelling. No matter how you feel about it, this is something that has to be done. But how can you possibly stop seeing it as a burdenous work and instead appreciate the opportunity to shovel?
You can do so by realizing that at the end of the day, shovelling is a form of exercise. Even though it is not an actual work out, it takes physical efforts and burns calories, so it pretty much counts as an official work out.
But when you are working on shovelling, it is also important to do so safely.

Sledding safety

• Shovel with a straight back instead of bending it
• Try and bend your hip while bending the knees to avoid straining the back and the spine
• Do not arch your back too much when you are trying to shovel
• You have to focus on pushing the snow away in a certain direction
• Do not try to lift the snow as it may strain your back
• Drink enough water whenever required
• Try to have a session where you focus on warming up your muscles instead of directly doing the heavy work.


If you are suffering from any kind of disease or have some serious injuries, it is better to take professional opinion from your GP or some other health care advisor. They have to check your current condition to analyse if you are in a condition fit enough to shovel. If you have recently recovered, try warming up before you begin shovelling so you can get an idea about how well you are feeling and if you can really shovel.


One cannot avoid the winter snow. Sometimes the weather may force you to stay at home. But you need not despair. Staying at home can be made fun too with the right kind of activities. Here are some examples –
• Play board games with your family or friends
• Draw, paint or sketch
• Read a book
• Watch a movie

Fun outdoor activities

If you do not want to stay indoors, you can enjoy outdoors as well. For this you can look up to some good activities that will give you opportunity to spend time well and have fun. Especially in winters, there are a lot of such things you can do. Here are some –
• You can go skiing with your family and friends
• You can build a snowman
• You can go trekking in the snow
There are a lot of things you can do to make winter fun. However, make sure you keep yourself safe and away from injuries. Make sure you are using the appropriate equipment’s required for your games and sports. Find the right shoe sizes to avoid falling and getting hurt. It is going to be cold outside so make sure you have sufficient warm clothing with you. You can get your best jackets, gloves and earmuffs to keep yourself warm this winter.


When winter comes, we feel lazy. We feel like we do not want to work out. It is understandable as the weather is a bit dull and nobody feels like going out with all that snow. But it is important to keep yourself active, even in the winters. You do not necessarily have to go to a gym or run 20 miles but you should do some basic exercises. You can do those at home as well. If exercise feels like a lot, at least stretch your body and do a short warm up at regular intervals to keep the blood flowing.