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Steps To Less Pain And More Energy

Pain and lack of energy…always go hand in hand.
Constant chronic pain can sap your energy levels. Human body is meant to move and sitting back for long hours can have an adverse effect on your health.
It is said that sound mind resides in a sound body. The key to lead a healthy life is incorporating exercises and some movement into your daily routine. A proper mix of good nutrition and exercise can boost your energy levels.

You can cope-up with your pain while regaining energy by the natural approaches listed below. Give them a try and make a positive difference in your energy levels.

1. Get into the Mindset

Make up your mind for a change- big or small, doesn’t matter! When you are focused towards your goal, nothing can stop you. One always makes progress by leaps and bounds.

• Decide to get up and get moving.
• Chunk your daily activities.
• Don’t zap your energy by sustaining activities for a longer time.
• Stop being a couch potato and get up, move around to get some more oxygen.
• Focus on smaller steps and stick to them while building towards bigger goals.

2. Set a Timer

Hitting the snooze button in the morning may be tempting, but it actually hampers your determination to follow an early morning routine. A timer can help you conserve your energy.
• Set a timer on your phone that beeps to remind you to get moving.
• Shrug off the early morning groggy feeling and get into the frenzy by setting an alarm.
• Walk or exercise at least 30 minutes everyday.

3. Drink More Water

It is important for us to understand that water is essential for ensuring optimal function of our body.
• Thirst or lack of water may often present itself as fatigue.
• Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated eventually increasing your energy levels.
• It is the only nutrient which enhances endurance activities of the human body.
In fact, go grab a glass of water right now and feel the difference!

4. Take the Time to Stretch

You can improve flexibility by doing simple stretching exercises at home. This way you can reduce your pain and prevent future injuries.
• Stretching improves your stability, strength, and over all well-being.
• You can try strengthening exercises at least 2-3 times a week
• Stretch your arms, legs, spine, neck and hips daily for 10 minutes

5. Check Your Ergonomics

Improper body alignment, poor posture and ergonomics contribute a lot to pain and aches. So it is very important to have a good posture that doesn’t zap your energy. Here is an ergonomic checklist to help you get started:
• Try to maintain a neutral posture with your feet flat on the ground.
• Make sure that your upper and lower back have a sound support
• Use armrest to relax your shoulders.
• Monitor your laptop in accordance with your eye level.
• Take little breaks for stretching every 10 minutes or so.

6. Get Out and Walk

Make sure to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. It may be even a gentle walk. Some sort of movement is mandatory to break the same monotonous routine and keep you get going. So take out some time for yourself and regain your lost energy.

These methods aren’t a quick fix. They are a lifestyle re-set.
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